Hi,Seddie Shipper here.Well I was reading blog and I See two Users name: The Sam Puckett and The Carly Shay.I Like too comment (but I Only comment on The Sam Puckett blog).I try to think who is the person in that User's.Well I was think that User The Sam Puckett and User The Carly Shay is Not Real Sam Puckett and Carly Shay.And After I Read there Profile's that how can they Go to iCarly wikia (I Knowthat Jennette and Miranda have no timw to seach on to the internet)

So if your are the User:The Sam Puckett and The User:The Carly Shay

Who are you?,That the question I like to Ask you The Sam Puckett and The Carly Shay

Seddie Shipper 10:17, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

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