Hey, it's me Seddie Shipper, this is my first blog this year. When I see the trend today it says 'Please Don't Stop iCarly' I started crying. I love iCarly, they change my life and it's ending at November. It's just I wanna cry until my eye balls are out. I mean iCarly is a great show, for me iCarly is more funnier than Victorious (#NoHates). I mean before I knew iCarly, I was like, 'What is this dumb show?' I said, but when I watch it, I start to like it. I start to love them, especially Sam, Carly and Freddie. First I shipped Creddie, but know Seddie, and I shipped Cam. I just don't wanna end this show, we really love this show, since we are watching this, we are not stop laughing. This show is great, all of Dan's show is great, especially iCarly for me.......

I just can't forgot this inzayn show, I really love this show. I watch it every day, all day and all nite. If this show will really end at November. This is only I can say 'iCarly, I love you, I will never gonna forget your crazyness.''''''

~Seddie Shipper

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