Hi,Seddie Shipper here.Well when I Was watchin the iOMG,in the kissing scene,I Was think "Why Sam kiss him?".....Or in the iKiss,Sam say that "Maybe they should kiss" for Seddie that to kiss.Sooooooooo Do u think that Sam is Pushing Freddie to love her?.

This is for CREDDIERS

Well first when I was a Creddiers I fell sooooo happy when They kiss,But I Change to Seddie.Any who if u r an Creddiers I felt so bad about u.cuz' in iPWT,Carly is Dating an other guy......But Creddiers even Carly and Freddie don't fell inlove to each other Be strong......Soooooooooooo iam an Little Creddie to so remember what ever happen to Carly and Freddie just be strong...

Seddie Shipper 12:19, April 19, 2011 (UTC)

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