Well,me and my friends are Questioning about iCarly.So I say "Maybe I can post your question to iCarly Wikia" and they say is "K,here are the question that we write yesterday" (The Quetion are in BOLD and your choses are have and and close parentisis)

So here are the Questions

  1. Who is the most beutiful girl in iCarly? (Sam,Carly,Shelby,Tasha)
  2. If the iCarly cast are sitaranded on an island,How will be eaten first? (Miranda,Jennette,Nathan,Spencer,Gibby)
  3. Do you think that Sam and Shelby are fighting,Do you think that who will be the winner? (Sam,Shelby)
  4. Which of this two twins are you like most? (Sam,Melanie)
  5. If Spencer are getting married with a secret girl,Do you think that the secret girl tha spencer will be married is___. (Sasha,Veronica,Gibby's mom)
  6. In the cast of iCarly do you think that(Jerry,Nathan,Noah) is the the hottest Boy in iCary Cast.
  7. If the iCarly trio are going to colleges to do you think that they should countine iCarly? (Yes,No,Maybe)
  8. If one of iCarly gang are going to Yakima do you think that (Sam,Freddie,Carly) is one of iCarly gang gonna move to Yakima.
  9. Do you think in iOMG will (Creddie,Seddie) are will be romantic couple?
  10. Do you think in iOMG,there will be a kissing scene? (Yes,No,Maybe)

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