Hey,See every body know's Sam is tomboyish and eating many food,When I watch iGot a Hot Room is

see Sam is so Hot know.But in Season 1,2,and 3 she is sexy only.

Go back to changing her Characteristics.Even Sam is a tomboyish I like her but when she is beating up Boys.But when Come's in food she is like a animal.In iSpace out Freddie says "It's like there is an Animal eating" I guess

So do you Think that Sam lose a wieght ?

And in iMake Sam Girlier,Carly change Sam to be more Girlier....I hate that Sam is Girly Like Melanie

So do you that Sam is be Girlier that Melanie?

From me "No"Yuck I will do something not nice if Sam is Girly

(And the bold and italic letters are the Question)

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