That day happen when iam in my room,seaching for iOMG (Watch for free).When I Click a Page.That page are full of iCarly Season 1-4 and I Click iOMG,First I Was Laughing,I Pause the Video for a minute.Because Iam gonna pee and when in the Serious talk my eyes blick and I see Sam and Freddie Kiss "Ahhhhhhhhhh" I say and my earphone connected to my Music pad was gone.I not see that my earphone are in my ears

In the Kissing scene I confuse a little I thought that Sam is in love with Brad but no With Freddie Benson hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha iam so confuse

so here is my Question,What do you feel when sam kisses freddie?,,,,And for the Creddiers that feel sad sorry

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