Hey,I should write this blog yesterday but we have an birthdayparty to atend in 2days.So heres my blog.What do u feel on ur favorite Episodes.

IF u like to comment do like this:

What Season:

  • What is ur Episode-A little space-What do you fell

Here are Mine

Season 1

  • iPilot-My feeling is like LoL
  • iHeart Art-Well I Felt so bad about Spencer
  • iHave An Lovesick Teacher-Hated Ms. Ackerman,she is an pyscho Like Nora

Season 2

  • iOwe You-LOL aor Ultra LOL because the 2 Sunshine girl Beat-up Spencer
  • iChristmas-Sad Cuz' I Hate Spencer being Normal
  • iKiss-In Love Seddie Rocks
  • iMake Sam Girleir-Super awsome when Sam beat-up Jocelyn
  • iTwins-When Melanie Kiss Freddie

Season 3

  • iThink They Kissed-Super awsome when Freddie is wesling with Carly
  • iCarly Awards-When the Photogharpher is Tied-up
  • iWas a Peagent Girl-When Sam dance the Train Sation Rotin

Season 4

  • iGet Pranky-When Carly prank Sam and Freddie LOL
  • iHire An Idiot-When Sam and Carly have knew that Cort is Dangerly Stupid
  • iPity the Nevel-When Nevel is Drink Sam's shoes the have an crickket Ultra LOL
  • iOMG-When Sam kisses Freddie

So what's your's?

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