Hey,,,I was wondering why you all/some of you like that iOMG will be you know romance type but Seriousy Why you like that iOMG will be a romance type

You like that iOMG will be an romance type cuz' (This is only my guest) ?

  1. Cuz' maybe in this episode my this will be Kissing
  2. Maybe Seddie/Creddie will be Happen
  3. There will be Hugging too

Something that Good:

  • Dan say that iOMG will change our life (maybe it teach us a lesson)

But why did you like that Seddie/Creddie will Happen even me iam an Seddie Shipper but I like that iOMG will be an Comedy that Change our life Not Kissing

If I choose that iOMG will be an romance I will be an Jeak

And I read a Blog that all about iOMG and the Qustion is Did you like Seddie/Creddie will Happen

Why I created this Blog

Cuz' many Blog are all about iOMG that if Seddie/Creddie Will Happen

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