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iOMG should be AWSOME!!!!!!!!

Hey,in this wikia almost all so Blog are all about iOMG,Well all of us are exciting to watch iOMG....

So I created this blog cuz' many of us buzzing about iOMG

We wish that iOMG will be....

  • Romantic

  • Comedy
  • A little drama

What's bad for SEDDIE SHIPPERS

If Sam and Brad make up maybe the SEDDIE SHIPPER'S will be sad (A little I Think)

What's good for CREDDIE SHIPPERS

If Sam and Brad make up the CREDDIE SHIPPER'S will be happy cuz' maybe Carly and Freddie will be GF and BF agian

What's good for BAM SHIPPERS

If Sam and Brad make up.The Bam Shippers are LUCK

Seddie Shipper 02:31, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

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