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iWill tell the Truth -Part1

The iCarly trio is in the carlys room

Carly:(With a bow head) Ok iLove Freddie

Sam:What the Hell,,I love Freddie

Freddie:Guys stop it

Sam and Carly:Freddie You like?

Freddie:I love sam

Carly:Freddie I know you love me

Freddie:First I love you but you love someone else not me

Carly:But I love you freddie I very very love you

Freddie:Carl's I Very Like sam even we always Fight

Sam:Benson I mean Freddie You love me and Kiss me and give a hug

Carly:Freddie Don't do it

Sam:Shout homeknocker

So freddie kiss sam to long

Freddie:That was an nice kiss

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