Sam is in detention with freddie carly is so jealos about Freddie love Sam so while Sam and freddie are eating at the garden of the school and Carly is holding an Bull horn

Carly:(Holding an Bullhorn) Hey people go watch iCarly tomorrow becues there will be an Seddie vs. Creddie tommow in iCarly....Go watch iCarly

Sean:Wait carly one question


Sean:Tomorrow will be have an fan war


The day after that in the iCarly studio gibby enter the room and hold freddie's camera and sam and freddie sit an a chair

Carly:So iCarly fans you think that sam and freddie are inlove

Freddie:Carly! don't do that

Sam:Yeah freddie's is right

Sam and freddie kiss

Carly:My god

Sam:Hey iCarly fans Creddie is an loser couple because seddie is the winner


After that webcast carly cry will freddie and sam are kissing

Carly:Stop kissing!

Sam:What do you what homeknocker

Carly:I like freddie

Sam:No freddie mine

Carly:No mine

Freddie:Girls stop fighting,,,Sam cool down


Spencer see sam and freddie are kissing while carly is crying

Spencer:Holy Seddie

Sam:Hey spens

Spencer:Why are you two are kissing and why carly is crying

Sam:First Me and freddie are Girlfriend and boyfriend

Freddie:Second carly have an broken heart


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