The they after that in the iCarly studio carly have an picture of sam and freddie and she put it on fire

Carly:I fail putting this on iCarly so the creddie fans can destory Sam



Freddie:I here you say that Creddie fan should destory sam


Freddie and Carly:Hey

Sam:Hey home knocker

Carly:Sam and Freddie

Sam and Fredde:What?

Carly:I like you two to broke up

Sam:What the Hell

Carly kiss freddie fast

Freddie:Carly?,,,Why did you do that

Carly:Cuz' I love you

Sam:What the hell

Freddie:Stop it!,, sam I very like you but carly is right we need to broke up


Freddie:And carly I want you to be my....


Freddie:No buddys


Freddie:And I want you two to be Best friends agian

Sam and Carly:ok

Sam:I sorry that i call you home knocker carl's,,Friends?


Carly and Sam hug with Freddie

There will be an Part 4 and 5

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