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    Hi guys! This is my second blog! YEAH! :D

    So, I thought I wanted to tell you guys what my thoughts were as I watched the episode. I knew there would be an elevator ending scene, and in the scenes leading up to it, I kinda had predictions rolling through my brain on what would happen, if you get what I mean (haha, they're both kinda mushy and/or kinda unrealistic! But I'm just a verrrrry fluffy seddier, so....:D). And they both involve Freddie making the move:

    1. 1: This is what I thought would happen at first, not really based on anything from the real ending scene:

    Sam and Freddie are in the elevator.

    Sam and Freddie both agree on that they have little common interests and are different. Then Freddie suddenly says, "But all that doesn't matter, be…

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  • Seddie Spaghettie

    Real-life people?

    September 10, 2011 by Seddie Spaghettie

    Hey Hey Hey everyone! This is my first blog post, so yeah :D

    I just wanna know if you guys know anyone in real life who...

    • watches iCarly,
    • likes iCarly,
    • ships iCarly ships
    • ships your iCarly ships (hint: seddie hint: seddie)
    • or anything else!

    I don't know if this blog topic has already been used, but I just wanted to know :D

    Fellow obsessive seddiers or other obsessive shippers: Also, do your families know about your passion for Seddie/Creddie/etc.? My whole family totally doesn't understand my passion for Seddie! They think it's weird and my bro keeps telling me to get a life XD Some of my friends roll their eyes when I keep saying, "OMG! iDate Sam And Freddie this weekend!! AAAH!!!" And one time, I had a birthday party, and I used purple confetti f…

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