Hi guys! This is my second blog! YEAH! :D

So, I thought I wanted to tell you guys what my thoughts were as I watched the episode. I knew there would be an elevator ending scene, and in the scenes leading up to it, I kinda had predictions rolling through my brain on what would happen, if you get what I mean (haha, they're both kinda mushy and/or kinda unrealistic! But I'm just a verrrrry fluffy seddier, so....:D). And they both involve Freddie making the move:

  1. 1: This is what I thought would happen at first, not really based on anything from the real ending scene:

Sam and Freddie are in the elevator.

Sam and Freddie both agree on that they have little common interests and are different. Then Freddie suddenly says, "But all that doesn't matter, becasuee...

Sam: "Because what?"

Freddie: "Because I love you." Then Sam is like, totally touched and stuff and they kiss and that's how it ends.

I would've loved for that to happen, although I kinda see how it's unrealistic!

  1. 2: I thought this would happen while watching the ending scene:

Sam and Freddie talking about them breaking up, finishing that, and pushing the button for the elevator to continue sliding down. Suddenly, Freddie lunges for the button, stops the elevator, and says "No!"

They look at each other. Freddie: "I... I can't do this. I can't break up with you!"

Sam: "Why? I thought we just agreed to..."

Freddie: "Because I love you!"

Sam gets emotional, says something back (like, "I love you, too" and it ends with a nice big old seddie kiss.

They're both totally fluffy and pretty similar. Comment any predictions *you* had *while* watching iLove You! And don't critique mine, I can't help that that's what went through my head! Haha.

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