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  • Seddie Tima

    I have a game ;)

    December 11, 2011 by Seddie Tima

    Well, since I made an avatar today using picnik, I discovered a game we could play ;).

    Basically, we have one icarly picture. We edit it using any type of photo editor, and then pass it on to someone else so he/she could edit it. And pass it on, and on.

    Let's use this picture:



    And it goes on and on. Have fun!

    (You can either use the picture above, or a totally new picture.)

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  • Seddie Tima

    I don't have a fave creddie song, but my fave seddie song is round and round except the first verse.:)

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  • Seddie Tima


    October 13, 2010 by Seddie Tima

    I'm finally gonna get to watch iSpeed Date on the big screen! YAY! You see, I never had cable, and so I always had to watch episodes online...but not anymore!:) Can't wait for the big screen version!

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  • Seddie Tima


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