Seddie alwayz

aka What's YOUR Favourite Scary Movie? So, Ghostface.

  • I live in Scotland... YES I DO! I'm sorry, i know I'm not funny.
  • My occupation is well... i like scary movies, does that count?
  • I am male...yes I am! AM TOO!
  • Seddie alwayz

    Okay, so I just finished watching my fav scary movie Scream. So it got me thinking. What's YOUR favourite Scary Movie? There are all different kinds! Slasher, J-horror, gross-out, psychological, and out of all of those, what is your favourite?

    Why Scream is my favourite: It rocks! from the opening kill to the ending, you can't stop watching! And if you have to, you have to pause it! The long chase scenes really emphasise the emotions of the character and the character development! You actually care whether they die or not! I mean, Casey, CiCi, Jenny, Hallie, Tatum, I wanted em to live! Didn't you? Also, the gore! It's far fetched, yet realistic at the same time! Also, the psychological feel REALLY gets me. Also, it has alot of good humour a…

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