• Seddie and Bangel Forever!

    I got this idea from Bunnyboo

    Note: This is the first time i've done one of these things, don't be harsh!! lol

    iEnd iCarly (commercial)

    Narrator: After 4 years of iCarly

    (Showing 4 clips of iCarly throughout the years.)

    Narrator: It must come to an end.

    Carly: We have to end iCarly.

    Sam and Freddie: What???

    (Flashes back to spencer and carly sitting in the living room.)

    Carly: I got accepter to Stanford.

    Spencer{ ( Giving Carly a hug) Thats great kiddo.

    Narrator: With their friendship falling apart.

    Sam: What about us, were your best friends!

    Carly: You don't think I don't know that, this is so hard!

    Sam: then why don't you stay!

    Carly: Sam you know I can't!

    Sam:Then what am I gonna do huh, where am I gonna go!

    Carly: You still have Fred-

    Sam: Don't even fin…

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