Carly: ( Holds Sams hand , Look's in her eyes and see's tears slowly dripping from her cheeks.) "Sam you have to fix this and say yes." Carly told her while wiping tears off Sams face. Sam:( Tries to hold in her tears'''''.) "Carly your right.I need to fix this" Sam says while grabbing her phone out of her pocket. Carly: ( Smiles ) "Sam no texting.I think you should call him and talk about it." Carly says grabing the phone out of Sams hand and starts calling Freddie and hands the cell phone back to Sam. Freddie On The Phone: (Picks the phone up) "Hello Sam" he said in sadness. Sam On the phone: ( Looks at the phone) "Fredward..I need to tell you something." Sam said grasping the phone happily. Freddie on the phone: ( Hears the happyness in her voice ) "I think I know what your going to say" he says looking at his screensaver of him and Sam. Sam On the phone : (Gulps) "I think not." Sam says in galdness. Freddie on the phone: (Looking kind of happy.Laughs.) "Oh-really." He says in a flirty voice.''''' Sam On the phone:(Laughs & Smiles) "I wanna go on that date with you." She quickly says looking at Carly. Freddie On the phone''''':(Sit's on his bed.Smiling like never before.) "Thanks." He says trying to act cool about it. Sam on the phone: (Laughs) "Okay.Well bye" She told him smiling at Carly. Freddie on the phone: (Looking at his computer screen of him and sam smiling) "Okay.Bye" He says hanging up. Sam: (Jumping on the couch like crazy.Until It falls over.) "He said Yes" She said screaming. Carly: (Hurting on her head) "Ouch.BUT YAY." She said screaming out of control.

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