• Seddie shipper 227

    iomg 2

    April 17, 2011 by Seddie shipper 227

    sam pov

    what did i just do? the boy hate i now show feelings for .

    i couldnt make any words out but sorry and i just ran away he told me to stop but i was to embarrassed

    carly stopped me and said why freddie and i said in my mind well u said make a move .

    freddie pov

    what just happend sam me kissed agian i suddendly didnt know what to feel because i have mixed feelings about them both and dont know what to do.

    a day later they went home and at carlys house for the icarly rehearsal it was a deep silence

    til carly spoke up and said "well what happend happend now lets do this rehearsal ".

    after the rehearsal sam and freddie stayed up in the studio to talk about the kiss

    sam pov

    Listen i know i kissed you nd all and thats becuz i love love you i now…

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