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  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on March 11
  • I am Female
  • Seddiedorkydemon

    In iOMG and iLost My Mind who else thinks that iCarly would of got more viewers if it was Freddie in love because people could of debates if it was Sam or Carly he was in love with.Not saying iOMG was bad it was GREAT!!! SEDDIE

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  • Seddiedorkydemon

    C:Alright here we go!

    S:Okay Benson lets do this thing F:Just a Sec (Flex Muscles) S:I'm getting Booreedd C;Sit down boy okay you ready?

    F:Ready C:You ready? S:Call it C:Aaaand GO! (Sam beats Freddie at arm wrestling) F:how long? C:3.2 seconds F:YEAH THATS THE LONGEST ITS EVERY TAKEN YOU TO BEAT ME! S:Congratulations!

    G:duuude! (fist pounds) (Brad enters) F:Hey Brad B:Hey Man C:How you liking Ridgeway? B:awesome S:nice nice B:So hows it going with Cort on iCarly? C;Oh we had to fire Cort S:Yeahh B:Why? What happend? C;oh he turned out to be S:not the best F:he was dangerously stupid B:Hey if your still lokking for some help on iCarly id be happy- C:you stilll wanna be our intern?


    B:i'd love it!

    C:Awesome S;done F:your in S;and you stil…

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  • Seddiedorkydemon


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