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  • Seddiedude

    This blog is about ship extremities and how they tie with the show.

    So, we all know that there have been recent episodes that have tied with Seddie mostly. Seddie and Creddie, depending on what you are have been battling harder than ever since this.

    iOMG set off controversy and anger in the Creddie side. iOMG was a strict Seddie episode, but the Creddies found a loophole. Carly, being in iSaved Your Life, fell in love with Freddie for a short time (or so they thought). Creddies now have remained hope in with the fact that Carly may still have feelings for Freddie that haven't been discussed. Seddies claim that it can't be true. This has set off a horrible war.

    The way I see it is that, CALM DOWN!

    iCarly is just a TV show! It seems that the onl…

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