I think everyone has seen the promo for iCarly iOMG so i also know that some of you have speculated on what you think or should happen and so have i, so i want to know you guys speculation on what you think might happen in iOMG, so heres my speculation to begin with.

I think theres gonna be a lock in at the school which means there gonna be locked in school over night i think, which then leads to Sam and Freddie arm wrestling for fun, then when there gonna do a rehearsal for iCarly in one of the empty classrooms so Carly asks"should we say what we like in a guy when were filming icarly Sam just staires at Freddie and nods then Carly asks"What do you like in a guy" and she says "I would love a guy whos a bit of a nerd likes tech stuff and has brown eyes you know to balence me out" thats when Freddie looks up from his computer to staire at her and Carly then thinks Sam has a crush on there new assistant Brad so she trys to play match maker by locking them in a classroom but when that doesant work Carly asks Freddie to go and talk to sam into Confessing her feelings for Brad , so there stood in a empty classroom while Carlys looking through the window, Sam says she doesant like Brad but Freddie does a speach"i know its scary for you to put your feelings out there, becouse you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back, but you never know what might happen" So after that speach there looking deeply into eachothers eyes and Sam says"You know what nub i think your right" and Freddie smiles just before Sam kisses him and thats what makes Cralys eyes go wide when shes looking out the window.

Sorry about the spelling by the way and please tell me what you think and whats your speculation also this is probably not gonna happen(The kiss might we will have to wait and see)

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