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June 7, 2011
  • Seddiefan11

    kk ik useless since ilost my mind is coming

    it was just a typical day in the hall when sam was at her locker eating a fat cake and freddie came by " ugh!" sam said and left they have been ignoring each other becuse of what happen yesterday it was at shays apartment when she carly almost told freddie sam liked him carly just herd about sam liking freddie about a week ago so when she said " why are you herting i though you li-" when same cut her off she wasnt sure if freddie had a clue or not but she was hoping he didnt on her way witch ever she could go without benson near her she ran into carly and just passed her but carly grabbed her arm " i said i was sorry." she protested " well i never told any of your secrets and you almost spill my b…

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  • Seddiefan11

    kk this is seddie nation on all over since the premire of iomg and espeically since the idate sam and freddie are on and yes im a sddie shipper or else i'd be crying cause im a super seddie shipper unlike most people that say there super shippers i actually am one i made a shirt celebrate named my summer seddietastic summer and cry at every seddie moment even a small smile at each other i get teared up like that small smile on ibeat the heat

    now here are some that i love:

    first one : i liked it when they said i hate you hate you too becuse do you think they hate each other i mean sam even loves him it's now a known fact on ikiss witch premired the 3rd of january one of the seddie holidays most people are stupid and are like theres 2 when th…

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  • Seddiefan11

    seddie talk !

    June 7, 2011 by Seddiefan11

    HI PEOPLE!!! kk soooo since i know everything bout seddie i will answer somw questions just leave them on my talk page and the next time i see them i will post the answers on here :) go ahead try to stump me

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