Today, I had the shock of my life.

Lol, jk.

It wasn't that traumatic. (Not the point.)

So, I just (just) saw the second promo for iStart a Fanwar.

And it's apparently airing on November 19th.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, part one.

O :O :O

(Yes, I just realized this. I happen to be a little slow, as it turns out.)

Now, I can't decide which one to watch -- Which one do I want to see more? Which one is more important to me?

I can understand some (most?) people here may not be addicted to Harry Potter like I am, and are here to fight with other people about Seddie v.s. Creddie, or whatever.

But I need your advice!

Obviously, a movie will stay in the theature for a pretty long time, so I don't have to rush, and iStart a Fanwar will obviously have re-runs, so that's okay, but as of for now, I have to choose either. (Unless I choose to stay home and mope on Friday because I couldn't choose, which I will NOT.)

Seddie (and iCarly) are a part of mii life, but I happen to be an avid shipper of Ron/Hermione as well.


Okay, I'm over-reacting...

But I still have no clue what to do on November 19th.

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