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Quote Quiz! - Try to guess which episodes these following quotes came from!

~-~-~-~- QUOTE QUIZ -~-~-~-~

Try to guess the episodes from which these quotes came from!

If you get at least 7 correct, you're a true iCarly fan!

Da da da dummmmmmm

1. "Well....lean." - By Sam, to Freddie. (If you're a Seddie fan and you don't know this, SHAME ON YOU :P).

2. "Is that a new necklace?" - By Freddie, to Carly. (Yeah, this one's a toughie.)

3. "Hey, look his foot sticks out of his cast! This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy got hit by a truck!" - By Spencer, to Carly and Freddie...and general audience.

4. "Well good morning Mr. and Mrs. Benson." - By Sam, to Carly and Freddie

5. "Woah, he kissed you?! That jerk! Come show my lips exactly what he did!" - By Freddie, to Carly

6. " I just wanna say: Sam, even though you constantly cause me both physical and emotional pain -not joking- I think of you and me as really close friends." - By Freddie, to Sam.

7. "Don't you think we deserve one nice dance tonight with a person we don't want to kill?" - By Freddie, to Carly.

8. "Of course I got in trouble! Teachers tend to get upset when you put their heads on the bodies of big fat animals!" - By Carly to Sam.

9. "Well, let's see. He said "Kiss me," then puckered his lips. So call me crazy, but I think the boy wanted some Carly-kissing!" - By Carly, to Freddie

10 . "Aw Sam, if you're in love with me just say so!" - By Freddie, to Sam.

Wow, good luck solving these. Now, how to post the answers......

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