So I've got these two close friends, right?

And their relationship is so much like Creddie, it freaks me out. (Especially since I'm a Seddie shipper xP). [Besides the fact there's no Seddie in the picture, and the girl's never been almost hit by a taco truck].

N (the guy)'s liked S (The girl) since she moved to our school district in 6th grade. She's always been rejecting him since then, too. (Like Creddie)

And currently, they're both pissing me off.

See, S, like Carly, tends to use his crush (love, obsession, etc) for her personal benefit. S is a natural flirt, and N tends to mistake those signs as a hint of attraction. She's even addmitted to me once, she likes playing with his heart. It's quote; "Like a game. Except, I'm totally never gonnna lose :D."

And N, he thinks even the smallest flirty smile sent his way means he might actually get a chance with her. And the problem with N is, he's quite..possesive. S was dating this guy last year he really, really hated. So he stops talking to her, and treats her like they aren't bffs. (He told me she came over to beg him for his friendship back, apparently. And he told her as long as she dated, erm, B, he never wanted to be friends with her again. And that she started crying. And that it was "f*cking annoying" listening to her cry)

So she breaks it off (unhappily, and a little pissed) with B.

And now she's confessed to me that they're back together, in secret from N.

And S has this really, really ditzy friend named, um, M, let's say. And M tells N that S really really likes Brian, but that S is keeping it a secret from him.

So now he's pissed. He thinks she's betrayed him, or something. "Think of me like, a father figure or something. C'mon, we all know B is just going to hurt S in the end."

And anyway, I think N's the one with the problem. But I wanted to see if anyone woould side with N and say S is the one with the problem.

And lol, sorry, this really has nothing to do with iCarly, but considering that this problem is about my two closest friends, I couldn't talk about it with them, so I came to the next best place.

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