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So your asking why seddie rocks so much, well I'm going to tell you.

Seddie is the most popular couple on icarly because they "hate" each other or a least that's what they say. The first season I thought they really did hate each other, but once it got to the second season I kind of seen some flirting and tension. I think it's really cute. Once ikiss came out and I finished watching it I couldn't believe it. That's when I became a seddie shipper. If that doesn't answer your question well hear this: Would you rather have a boring couple like creddie or a really interesting couple like seddie. Don't you like the excitement of that? So does that answer it: seddie rocks because their not boring, they have excitement in there friendship and if we keep our fingers crossed relathionship. Ok if you still don't think seddie rocks then on the botton there are some adorable pictures that I think you might enjoy.

Ok if you enjoyed that sideshow then I think your question is answered so bye for now. You will be hearing from me a lot. I will be posting speculations and reviews about seddie episodes.

Sivauna Daniels~Sivauna Daniels

  • seddie has a cute pose in this picture
  • they tell you what seddie means
  • will one kiss change everything: you tell me
  • seddie all the way
  • cute picture awwwww :)
  • SEDDIE!!!!!!!!!
  • all the seddie cute pics awwww :)
  • cute pic :) awwwwwww
  • seddie colors: PURPLE
  • cute seddie glance
  • seddie holding hands
  • seddie spawn she has Sam's hair and Freddie's eyes

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