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  • I live in Hinckley, Leicster, UK
  • I was born on January 17
  • I am Female
  • Seddieforevernotcreddie

    iDon't know what to say - Part 5


    Seddie: (kiss)

    Sam: (breaks kiss) I... I don't know what to say... Thank you.

    Freddie: You're welcome.

    Sam: How did you find me.

    Freddie: I followed you.

    Sam: what? Like a storker.

    Freddie: No.

    Sam: So, what happened after I left?

    Freddie: Well... Me and Carly talked and then I came after you.

    Sam: Why?

    Freddie: What do you.

    Sam: Well she dosen't have a bestfriend anymore coz she hates me, I took you her boyfriend, and I ruined iCarly coz I'm leaving

    Freddie: That is not you're fault

    Sam: Yes it is

    Freddie: Ok so it is your fault

    Sam: (smiles, laughs, wacks Freddie) Hey

    Freddie: So it's not you're fault

    Sam: Ok so its not, then who's is it

    Freddie: Mine

    Sam: Why?

    Freddie: Because, it took me to long to realise I love you…

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  • Seddieforevernotcreddie

    iDon't know what to say - Part 4

    [Sam's apartment]

    Freddie: (walks back to Carly) No, no. You know what were done!

    Carly: (upset) Freddie

    Freddie: (annoyed) What?

    Carly: I... I... I'm sorry

    Freddie: (angry) What for? For forcing Sam leave!

    Carly: (defencive) I never, forced Sam to do anything

    Freddie: (sarcastic) Really

    Carly: (annoyed) Yeah

    Freddie: Goodbye Carly Shay (walks away)

    Carly: You live across the hall i'll see you again

    [Outside Sam's apartment building]

    Sam: (walks out the doors and turns left)

    Freddie: (secretly follows her)


    Sam: (walks through park)

    Freddie: (follows Sam secretly)

    [Train station]

    Sam: (buys a ticket for train walks to platform 7)

    Freddie: (buys a ticket and follows Sam)

    [On the train]

    Sam: (sits down on a seat ith table)


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  • Seddieforevernotcreddie

    iDon't know what to say - Part 3

    [Sam's apartment]

    Creddie: (walk up to door and stop)

    Sam: (shouting) Well I don't care I'm going

    Pam: (shouting) Brilliant

    Sam: (shouting) oh yeah, the usual you don't care about me or Melanie do you?

    Pam: (shouting) So what, Melanie's always away. She'll be leaving soon anyway

    Sam: (shouting) Thought so! (opens door looking down, crying, looks up stops, suprised) Freddie. What... what are you doing here (shuts door)

    Freddie: We came to see you

    Sam: (confused) We

    Carly: (smirking) Yeah. We

    Sam: Oh ok. But why'd you come here?

    Freddie: 'coz you sent texted me saying goodbye

    Sam: I'm leaving

    Freddie: Why?

    Sam: There's nothing here for me

    Carly: Where will you?

    Seddie: (look at her)

    Carly: I can be interested even if I don't l…

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  • Seddieforevernotcreddie

    iDon't what to say - Part 2

    [Shays apartment]

    Creddie: (sitting on couch kissing)

    Freddie: (gets a text, looks at phone)

    Carly: Who is it?

    Freddie: Its Sam

    Carly: (annoyed) What does she want?

    Freddie: It just says goodbye

    Carly: (interested) Why?

    Freddie: I don't know, ya wanna go see her

    Carly: No! Why would I

    Freddie: 'Coz you two are bestfriends

    Carly: No we aren't. She kissed you and she knew I liked you

    Freddie: I know but...

    Carly: But what?

    Freddie: I gonna see her even if you aren't coming

    Carly: Oh I coming

    Freddie: Ok (smiles)

    Creddie: (kiss)

    Spencer: (runs out into room) Carly! (slips over)

    Carly: (shocked) Spencer!

    Spencer: (jumps up) Yeah

    Carly: What?

    Spencer: (confused) What?

    Carly: (annoyed) Why'd you yell

    Spencer: When?

    Carly: Just now... ya know …

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  • Seddieforevernotcreddie

    iDon't know what to say

    [Alley next Shay's apartment]

    Carly: (runs in and sits behind a pile of boxes, crying face down)

    Sam: (runnig after her)

    Carly: (stops crying and watches Sam)

    Sam: (looks around for Carly worried) Carly, Carly, Carly. Look I'm sorry. It wasn't what it looked like?

    Carly: (gets up looks angry) Then what was?

    Sam: (guilty) I... I don't know

    Carly: Really

    Sam: We just, kissed

    Carly: (angry, sarcastic) Really I couldn't tell

    Sam: It wasn't Freddie's fault... I... I kissed him

    Carly: Well It looked like he kissed you

    Sam: No I kissed him

    Carly: (upset) Ya know what. Just... Just stay away from (walks off)

    Sam: Carls

    Carly: (stops and turns to face Sam) No. I meant what I said, Leave me alone(walks off again)

    Sam: (wipes hands down face…

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