iDon't know what to say

[Alley next Shay's apartment]

Carly: (runs in and sits behind a pile of boxes, crying face down)

Sam: (runnig after her)

Carly: (stops crying and watches Sam)

Sam: (looks around for Carly worried) Carly, Carly, Carly. Look I'm sorry. It wasn't what it looked like?

Carly: (gets up looks angry) Then what was?

Sam: (guilty) I... I don't know

Carly: Really

Sam: We just, kissed

Carly: (angry, sarcastic) Really I couldn't tell

Sam: It wasn't Freddie's fault... I... I kissed him

Carly: Well It looked like he kissed you

Sam: No I kissed him

Carly: (upset) Ya know what. Just... Just stay away from (walks off)

Sam: Carls

Carly: (stops and turns to face Sam) No. I meant what I said, Leave me alone(walks off again)

Sam: (wipes hands down face and sits on the pile of boxes) What have I done

[Outside Shay's apartment, hall]

Carly: (runs to door crying)

Freddie: (sitting on floor back against his door, looks up. gets up releaved) Carly

Carly: (snaps) WHAT!

Freddie: Don't blame Sam. I kissed her

Sam: (around the corner listening)

Carly: Well she just told me she kissed you

Freddie: I am so sorry. It was a stupid mistake. I don't like Sam, I love you.

Sam: (look distrauted and very upset, starts to cry)

Carly: (smiles) really

Freddie: Course

Creddie: (kiss)

Sam: (walks off)


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