iDon't what to say - Part 2

[Shays apartment]

Creddie: (sitting on couch kissing)

Freddie: (gets a text, looks at phone)

Carly: Who is it?

Freddie: Its Sam

Carly: (annoyed) What does she want?

Freddie: It just says goodbye

Carly: (interested) Why?

Freddie: I don't know, ya wanna go see her

Carly: No! Why would I

Freddie: 'Coz you two are bestfriends

Carly: No we aren't. She kissed you and she knew I liked you

Freddie: I know but...

Carly: But what?

Freddie: I gonna see her even if you aren't coming

Carly: Oh I coming

Freddie: Ok (smiles)

Creddie: (kiss)

Spencer: (runs out into room) Carly! (slips over)

Carly: (shocked) Spencer!

Spencer: (jumps up) Yeah

Carly: What?

Spencer: (confused) What?

Carly: (annoyed) Why'd you yell

Spencer: When?

Carly: Just now... ya know what forget,c'mon Freddie lets go find Sam (grabs coat and walks toward door)

Spencer: I thought you don't like her anymore

Carly: Yeah but I'm not letting her alone with Freddie

Creddie: (walks out of door)

Spencer: Oh, ok. Well bring me back some Mexican Ham

Creddie: (walk back in)

Carly: (confused) Mexican ham

Spencer: Yeah!

Freddie: Sure

Carly: Ookay

Creddie: (walks out door again)


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