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iDon't know what to say - Part 3

iDon't know what to say - Part 3

[Sam's apartment]

Creddie: (walk up to door and stop)

Sam: (shouting) Well I don't care I'm going

Pam: (shouting) Brilliant

Sam: (shouting) oh yeah, the usual you don't care about me or Melanie do you?

Pam: (shouting) So what, Melanie's always away. She'll be leaving soon anyway

Sam: (shouting) Thought so! (opens door looking down, crying, looks up stops, suprised) Freddie. What... what are you doing here (shuts door)

Freddie: We came to see you

Sam: (confused) We

Carly: (smirking) Yeah. We

Sam: Oh ok. But why'd you come here?

Freddie: 'coz you sent texted me saying goodbye

Sam: I'm leaving

Freddie: Why?

Sam: There's nothing here for me

Carly: Where will you?

Seddie: (look at her)

Carly: I can be interested even if I don't like Sam

Sam: I... I'm going to my dad

Carly: You're dad?

Sam: I got a letter from him and I... ya know why should I tell you, either of you, you don't care (starts to walk off with bacpack, crying)

Freddie: (grabs Sam to stop)

Sam: (stops)

Freddie: (sympathetic) We... I care

Carly: (annoyed) Uggh

Freddie: Carls

Sam: (weeping) No... no ya don't (walks off)

Freddie: (looks at Carly) Really

Carly: What?

Freddie: (goes after Sam)

Carly: Freddie, Freddie. I love you


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