iDon't know what to say - Part 4

[Sam's apartment]

Freddie: (walks back to Carly) No, no. You know what were done!

Carly: (upset) Freddie

Freddie: (annoyed) What?

Carly: I... I... I'm sorry

Freddie: (angry) What for? For forcing Sam leave!

Carly: (defencive) I never, forced Sam to do anything

Freddie: (sarcastic) Really

Carly: (annoyed) Yeah

Freddie: Goodbye Carly Shay (walks away)

Carly: You live across the hall i'll see you again

[Outside Sam's apartment building]

Sam: (walks out the doors and turns left)

Freddie: (secretly follows her)


Sam: (walks through park)

Freddie: (follows Sam secretly)

[Train station]

Sam: (buys a ticket for train walks to platform 7)

Freddie: (buys a ticket and follows Sam)

[On the train]

Sam: (sits down on a seat ith table)

Freddie: (walks past sits oppisite her)

Sam: (suprised) Freddie. Wha... what are you doing her

Freddie: Coming with you

Sam: Why? What about Carly?

Freddie: I left her

Sam: I... but... thanks (smiles)

Freddie: (stands up goes next to Sam) Budge up (sits next to)

Sam: (moves up)

Seddie: (kiss)


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