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iDon't know what to say - Part 5

iDon't know what to say - Part 5


Seddie: (kiss)

Sam: (breaks kiss) I... I don't know what to say... Thank you.

Freddie: You're welcome.

Sam: How did you find me.

Freddie: I followed you.

Sam: what? Like a storker.

Freddie: No.

Sam: So, what happened after I left?

Freddie: Well... Me and Carly talked and then I came after you.

Sam: Why?

Freddie: What do you.

Sam: Well she dosen't have a bestfriend anymore coz she hates me, I took you her boyfriend, and I ruined iCarly coz I'm leaving

Freddie: That is not you're fault

Sam: Yes it is

Freddie: Ok so it is your fault

Sam: (smiles, laughs, wacks Freddie) Hey

Freddie: So it's not you're fault

Sam: Ok so its not, then who's is it

Freddie: Mine

Sam: Why?

Freddie: Because, it took me to long to realise I love you Sam Puckett

Sam: Aww. thanks for chearing me up


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