iThink I love you - Part 1

[Shay's apartment]

Freddie: (walks in through door and sits on couch)

Carly: Hi

Freddie: Hey

Carly: I haven't seen you latley, where have ya been?

Freddie: I just been busy

Carly: (walks over to freddie and sits down next to him, talking nervous) Look I need to talk to you about something

Freddie: (worried, makes a strange face) wait a minute! what did Sam do?

Carly: Nothing, nothing

Freddie: (still worried) then what

Carly: I ur... (leans over and kisses Freddie for 8 seconds)

Sam: (Sam walks in) Sup guy....

Creddie: (breakaway from kiss)

Sam: Did I interupt something or...

Carly: No, nothing

Sam: Are ya sure coz it looked like you

Freddie: Look I gotta go (gets up and walks out door)

Sam: (akwardly) Sooo...

Carly: (akwardly) Ummm...

Sam: If you like him, just tell me. I'm totally over him!

Carly: Really are ya sure

Sam: Yeah totally

Carly: I guess I kinda do like him

Sam: (exited) Since when!!!

Carly: Dunno. I guess since....

Freddie: (walks back in) Carly, can we talk

Sam: I'll be upstairs (walks to the fridge and takes some bacon out and eats it)

Carly: Sam. That's the kitchen

Sam: I know, I want some bacon (goes up the stairs)

Freddie: What just happened

Carly: I guess I ...

Freddie: You kissed me... why?

Carly: I kinda, sorta like you

Freddie: Since when

Carly: Since you saved me from that taco truck (walks over and kisses Freddie)


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