iThink I love you - part 5

[Groovy Smoothie]

Carly: (walks in through door, sits on couch next to Freddie)

Freddie: (sitting on couch) Hey Carls, (Kisses her and put arm around her)

Carly: (sad)

Freddie: (concerned) Whats the matter?

Carly: Sam. What else could it be!

Freddie: So what did she say?

Carly: Nothing, because before I left she had to take a phone call

Freddie: Who with?

Carly: I dunno

Freddie: Why?

Carly: (annoyed) Stop asking me questions

Freddie: Ok, ok. Do ya want me to talk to her

Carly: Aw. Would you. Thanks

Creddie: (Kiss)


Freddie: (sitting on bench)

Sam: (walks up annoyed) What do you want now Benson?

Freddie: I just want to talk

Sam: About? (sits close next to him)

Freddie Why you look like Melanie?

Sam: I wanted to be more like Carly, ya know. Girly.

Freddie: Why? You don't need to change. Your perfect the way you are.

Sam: Really

Seddie: (look into each others mind. lean closer together, kiss)

Freddie: (breaks off the kiss) I... um... I'm with Carly. We can't.

Sam: Sorry, (upset) look I gotta go

Freddie: SAM! Wait

Sam: (stops, turns around) What?

Freddie: (walks up to her) Do you still like me?

Sam: So what If I still do

Freddie: If you still like me. Then why didn't you tell me.

Sam: Coz, you like Carly now, not me.

Freddie: Is that why you've been acting different

Sam: (looks down) No

Freddie: (concerned) Sam

Sam: No... (looks up) Maybe

Freddie: (kisses Sam)

Carly: (Strolls along behind them, looks up and Sees them) What? What? WHAT? (screams and walks up to them)

Seddie: (break off kiss see Carly look guilty)

Carly: Freddie, Sam. WHAT?

Sam: (same time as Freddie) I.. um, we, ur

Freddie: (same time as Sam) We. umm, ur. It's not what I looks like!

Carly: Then what is it (looks at Sam, crying) How could you do this to me (Runs off)

Freddie: (starts to go after her) Carly

Sam: I'll go this is my mess. I'll sort it out (runs after Carly) ...



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