iThink I love you - part 2

[iCarly Studio]

Creddie: (kissing)

Sam: (walks in through door, head down) Sorry I'm la... (looks up)

Creddie: (stop kissing stand side by side facing Sam)

Carly: oh it's ok

Sam: Did I interupt something

Carly: oh no

Freddie: no (looks at phone) iCarly start in 1 minute, get ready

Sam: we know Fredorella

Carly: No need to be mean Sam

Sam: I need to insult Freddie

Freddie: Why?

Sam: Coz, I enjoy it. duh

Freddie: And iCarly starts in 5, 4, 3, 2 (points at Sam and Carly)

Carly: I'm Sam

Sam: And I'm Carly

Carly: Wait, I'm Carly and she's Sam

Sam: Yuh huh

[Shay's apartment]

Cam: (walks down the stairs)

Sam: So you wanna go to the mall later

Carly: Sorry, I can't I'm gonna see a movie with Freddie

Sam: Ok cool

Freddie: (happy) Hey princess... (annoyed) Puckett

Sam: (sarcastic) Clever, maybe you could be a far...

Carly: (annoyed) Sam

Sam: Ok ok, anyway I gotta go. Bye ( walks out of door)

Carly: (bad) Sam (walks after her)

Freddie: leave her

Carly: Bu...

Freddie: C'mon. we'll miss the start of the movie

Creddie: (goes to elevator, goes in. door shuts)


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