iThink I love you - Part 3

[Groovy Smoothie]

Creddie: (walk in)

Freddie: That was a great movie

Carly: Yeah, I love David Schimmer in it

Creddie: (kiss for 5 seconds, go sit down at a table)

Sam: (Walks in looking girly like Melanie and goes to buy a smoothie)

Carly: (turns around, suprised) Oh hey Melanie

Sam: No I... Hi Carly

Melanie: (walks in) Sam, Sam

Freddie: Sam

Sam: Sorry gotta run (runs out the door drags Melanie with her)

Melanie: (annoyed) Sam

Freddie: What happened to Sam?

Carly: I honestly don't, know

Freddie: Why did she look like Melanie?

Carly: I'm... not... sure! (phone goes off) Melanie texted me

Freddie: What did she say?

Carly: She said to meet her outside Build-a-bra

Freddie: When?

Carly: In an hour, I wounder why?

Freddie: It might be about Sam


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