iThink I love you - Part 4

[outside build-a-bra]

Sam and Melanie: (arguing)

Carly: (walks up to them, annoyed) Whats up with you today, first you leave for no reason then you look like Melanie. WHY??

Sam: Well...umm

Carly: (annoyed) What??

Melanie: She just it's

Sam: (stamps on melanies foot)

Melanie: Nothing, its nothing

Carly: Look is this about me and Freddie?

Sam: No

Carly: Are you sure?

Sam: Yeah totally

Carly: Well then what is, why did you ask me to come?

Sam: I didn't. Melanie did

Carly: Why

Sam: (phone goes off pnoecall) sorry i gotta take this, I'll meet you at the groovy smoothie later, kay

Melanie: Sure

Carly: See ya later

Sam: (walks off)


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