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    If you have read my comment on the Seddie article, you may have seen that my daughter died. My father, (her grandfather) smokes a lot in the house. Since my daughter was young, she inhaled it without knowing. That is called Second Hand Smoking. Since that has happened over the course of her life time, she eventually got lung cancer. My daughter is one of the strongest people I have ever known. I thought she could get through this. She battled. Leah battled it like nobody else. Unforunately, she could not hold it for long. She slowly passed away, and I will never forget it.

    I hope that none of you are smoking or doing drugs. Its bad for the body, and you might end up like my daughter had, and I don't want that to happen.

    Be safe,


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  • Seddieftwyea

    Hi guys.

    FSIR was with me the other day, she told me to write a blog about her, and about how much she misses you all. Here is what she says:

    "Hi Guys.

    I really miss you guys. I do.

    But I cant come back.

    I cant.

    BUT! I will mention the lot of you I really miss:

    PSFP~You are amazing and an awesome and funny friend:)

    Chizzy~ Miss you because you are really sweet and kind

    Nene- Friend forever:)

    CANDY~ My fellow GIF warrior. I miss her.

    And the most of all,

    Cookie. Cookie, you are my one true best friend. I will never forget you. Stay strong.

    Love, Alien"

    Thanks for commenting.

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  • Seddieftwyea

    I just read the comments on CP's blog.

    FreddieSeddieI'mReady is my friend, and its sad because she left,

    but she had a reason to go.

    And it wasn't Churchpants' blog.

    It was because her friends were deliberatley teasing her because of her obsession.

    So don't blame CP, she's innconent. SamBenson may have left because of it......

    But FreddieSeddie did not.

    So don't go hating on CP.

    Thanks, Seddieftwyea:How can life go on without Love and Hate? 12:58, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Seddieftwyea

    I'm back

    August 26, 2011 by Seddieftwyea

    So, as most of you didn't notice, well, I'm back.

    I wrote a comment months before iLMM. Got feedback on it. And decided I needed a break on this wiki. Well, my mistake.

    I was gone for 2 months, maybe even more.

    So.....I'm back:P

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    Note: I know there was already a blog like this, but I wanted to do a part 2 to get everyone away from the shipping.

    1-10 I will rate your username, and i will be honest!





    5-Meh(Good and bad.)



    8-Cool, or Cute


    10-Me gusta, or Mama likey.

    Comment your user name and I will rate it!!

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