Ok, so at my school, I asked 15 people if they watched iCarly. If they said yes, i asked who do you like better, Seddie or Creddie. Here are the results I got from this question.

Seddie=4 people

Creddie=5 people

Don't care=6 people

When I heard Seddie, I high-fived them. When I heard Creddie, I explained Seddie moments. But the thing is, when I was talking abourt iSAFW, a question came into my mind.

Does Freddie like Carly anymore? I mean in iGet Pranky, he agreed with Sam. In iSAFW, he kept DENIEING(spelling?) it. Usaully, he would of said Yet. " We're not dating YET!" That's what he would've said if he liked Carly. Now I want u to think, Anyone can answer, Does Freddie like Carly, or is it FADING?

Please I need over 50 comments to do the next one.

Seddo is out

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