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You guys know my last blog, Dream Catcher, And this is the winning dream!

Okay, so I got a phone call from the same friend whose house I was sleeping over at, and her voice was really high-pitched and she said "Would you like to come round to my house? Freya and Georgia (my other two bezzies) are here as well."

And I was like "okay...." so I left my house and for some reason her house was right next door to me :L Anyway, I knocked on the door and my friend answered and still in a really high voice said "Would you like some soup?" and I was like... "Sure..."

I went in the living room and Georgia and Freya were curled up on the sofa crying so I asked them what's up and they said "Whatever you do, DON'T EAT THE CAKE" and I was like "What cake??" And then my other friend came in with the soup and a cake. So I ran (What do you expect? XD)

The friend with the soup (Hannah) turned into a MASSIVE fox and started chasing me, growling ravenously and I was running for my LIFE and my house was suddenly on the other side of the town or something :L But anyway, I got home and my Mum came out of the house and shouted "YOU'RE AN ANIMAL!" and shot Hannah-fox (nice...)

I screamed at her "YOU JUST KILLED HANNAH??!!" and she said "Don't worry, she still has 2 lives left" and I went "That'll be fine then" and then I can't remember the rest.

When I told this to my friends in the morning they were like "You're MENTAL!" and I was like "I KNOW RIGHT??"

Congratulations Seddielynxx! You won!

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