Ok. Another serious question for you people.

Sam- I think she would be abandoned...left alone. She has a miserable life and no one likes her. Even her boyfriend cheated on her! Carly might be kissing Freddie all day.....make out after make out. Sam would be sad and they might not do iCarly anymore. I mean....when Carly told Sam to ask out Gibby, she Did not want to. So if Creddie got together, sam might just leave town~who knows!

Carly- I think Carly wouldn't be that sad and or jealous. The reason I say that is because Carly can get any boy she wants when she wants it. Carly is always nice to Gibby and might one day be a future couple. Sam and Freddie wouldn't kiss so much, the way I see it. They would still do iCarly. Carly did seem a little jealous when she found out about Sam & Freddie's kiss, but it was only because they didn't tell her.

These are my opinions.

Now......What about yours?

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