Note: I am not trying to be over-dramatic or anything. I want to know the answer to one thing. Why do people hate me?

Recently, I posted a comment on Churchpants blog about how Seddie never dated and when they finally did, people go and quit the show. I was expressing my opinion, and trying to be as nice as possible. But when I posted it, everyone started to hit on me and disagreeing. Now I'm totally cool with that, because everyone is allowed to disagree. But when I posted my second comment. A user(not mentioning names) said that I was wrong and that not everyone will follow your opinions.

Lately, it seems like no one is replying to my comments(unless you disagree) and ignoring me. When it was my birthday, only a few people wished me a happy birthday.

Now, life is not about me. So don't get me wrong how I am supposed to have friends. I DON"T! I want to know something, am I considered a troll? If I am, I'll get off the wiki. I just want your opinions.

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