Carly dumps Gibby because she realizes she likes Freddie. Carly was going to ask Freddie out(Carly didnt know about Sam and Freddie's date) and found them kissing in the hallways. While that is happening, Spencer tries to build a heart sculpture

Creddie moments

  • Carly likes Freddie
  • She was upset when she found Sam abd Freddie kissing
  • Freddie hugged Carly to make her feel bettter

Seddie moments

  • Sam and Freddie kiss
  • Sam and Freddie date
  • Sam seemed upset that Freddie hugged Carly


Carly: I have to do it! No! Yes! Ok!

(Walks around the corner and sees Sam & Freddie kissing)

Carly:(Sad face) Aww.....MAN

hehehe! Another episode please comment!

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