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Another episode!


Carly starts looking online and saw blogs about Love and Hate. She read a post about how Freddie might have secret feelings for Sam, or vice versa. She tries to confirm this by asking Freddie a question, Are you in love? Freddie says Yes.....but doesnt say whom.

Meanwhile Spencer is teaching Gibby how to excercize.

Creddie moments

  • Carly admits that she DID have feelings for Freddie, but not anymore.
  • Carly tries to get Freddie to admit he loves Sam.

Seddie moments

  • Freddie admits he loves Sam
  • Sam admits that she loves Freddie
  • Sam and Freddie kiss


Carly:Come on! Its like you two have secret feelings for eachother!

Freddie:Say Whaa?

Sam:Ok, fine. I love Freddie, so? What is your point?

Carly:My point is that you should date him!

Like it?

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