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December 16, 2011
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  • Seddiegirl808


    December 3, 2012 by Seddiegirl808

    Hey Guys! I entered this contest so I could meet One Direction! It would mean SO MUCH to me if you clicked this link! I will love you guys foreva if you clicked! Ok bai! BELIEVE IN UNICORNS o_O Oh btw you guys need to click this link ALOT so I can win! Whoever gets the most clicks wins this contest! Ok NOW BAI lol

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  • Seddiegirl808

    Join my Story!

    May 15, 2012 by Seddiegirl808

    Hi! Seddiegirl808 here! I'm going to create a new story called The Game of Death (Yes I know this is also a movie by Bruce Lee but it'll be different). If you have a charecter you want to be just comment below. Also for the age, i want ages 10-16 Here's something that looks like what you should have:

    Name:Annabelle Hopkins

    Age: 14

    Eye color: Gray

    Skin color: White

    Hair: Sholder length black

    Clothes: White camisole, black hoodie and jeans

    Personality: Smart yet shy and super clumsy and TOTALLY scared of the spotlight being on her!

    Secret: She is an amazing singer!

    Random stuff: Her mom is dead and she only has a father and older sister. She also is half italian

    Picture (optional):

    Notice: Not a real charecter just an example


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  • Seddiegirl808

    HI! I Seddiegirl808, has decided to................





    'MAKE A MESSAGE FOR ALL OF YOU IN A SPECIAL FORMAT THINGY! :D HERE'S A SAMPLE OF WHAT YOU WILL SEE... [1] SO YEAH. :) Just comment below and tell me wat you want me to make. :)'

    I will then comment with the link of your GeoGreeting! It takes sort of a long time so please be patient. :)


    And remember....BELIEVE IN UNICORNS! o_O ~Seddiegirl808 aka Rice.

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  • Seddiegirl808

    I'm leavin 4 a while

    January 7, 2012 by Seddiegirl808 probably wont see me on chat 'cause I'm leavin for a week or two. I feel like I'm annoying and I bother you guys. All of you are saying that I over react. *sigh* I get that ALL the time. I was just born a senstive child. I bet I have some mental illness. I am also bothering you about my life. I shouldn't bother you about MY problems. My life is horrible and I'll have to face it. :( So..uh..I'll miss the some of you guys! And I know it said on my last blog that I'm not leaving.........but I sort of am now. *sigh* Bye.......... (AND IF YOU GUYS SAY THAT IM OVER REACTING IN THE COMMENTS WELL DEAL WITH IT! ITS WHO I AM! AND YOU GUYS ARE THE REASON I'M LEAVING! OKAY? ARE WE CLEAR? GET IT. GOT IT. GOOD)


    Seddiegirl808 aka…

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  • Seddiegirl808

    Should I leave?

    December 31, 2011 by Seddiegirl808

    Guys, ummmmmm............I think I should be uh............leaving for a while. Don't ask why! But I've been feeling a little........uncomfertable. So uh, tell me what you guys think!

    Should I leave?

    Yes No < /poll>

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