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I'm leavin 4 a while probably wont see me on chat 'cause I'm leavin for a week or two. I feel like I'm annoying and I bother you guys. All of you are saying that I over react. *sigh* I get that ALL the time. I was just born a senstive child. I bet I have some mental illness. I am also bothering you about my life. I shouldn't bother you about MY problems. My life is horrible and I'll have to face it. :( So..uh..I'll miss the some of you guys! And I know it said on my last blog that I'm not leaving.........but I sort of am now. *sigh* Bye.......... (AND IF YOU GUYS SAY THAT IM OVER REACTING IN THE COMMENTS WELL DEAL WITH IT! ITS WHO I AM! AND YOU GUYS ARE THE REASON I'M LEAVING! OKAY? ARE WE CLEAR? GET IT. GOT IT. GOOD)


Seddiegirl808 aka Gianna aka Rice Cake

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