Hi! Seddiegirl808 here! I'm going to create a new story called The Game of Death (Yes I know this is also a movie by Bruce Lee but it'll be different). If you have a charecter you want to be just comment below. Also for the age, i want ages 10-16 Here's something that looks like what you should have:

Name:Annabelle Hopkins

Age: 14

Eye color: Gray

Skin color: White

Hair: Sholder length black

Clothes: White camisole, black hoodie and jeans

Personality: Smart yet shy and super clumsy and TOTALLY scared of the spotlight being on her!

Secret: She is an amazing singer!

Random stuff: Her mom is dead and she only has a father and older sister. She also is half italian

Picture (optional):
Anime Girl 2


Notice: Not a real charecter just an example


And remember........BELIEVE IN UNICORNS! o_O

~Seddiegirl808 ♥☻♥

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