You don't wanna get this now do you?

This may be a VERY stupid blogpost to you guys BUT I have an announcement to make for those who don't know. Holy Chiz will be leaving this wiki soon for 2 whole months. She will come back, but I personally think her parents are takeing away her happiness. So I want YOU guys to write your username below, and tell me what you like about Holy Chiz. I'll send her the link to this blog to make her feel better okay? I hate it when other people feel sad. It makes me sad too.

Here's what mine is:

Seddiegirl808 aka Rice

What I like about Chizzy is that she is nice, kind, and random. She welcomed me in to this wiki, and even gave me an AWESOME nickname: RICE. When ever I enter a chatroom she goes:

RICE! :DDDDDDDDDDDD And than I go: CHIZ! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD And it makes me feel very happy.


                                                               COMMENT BELOW!

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