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  • Seddiegirl98

    @Seddiegirl98's death

    October 28, 2011 by Seddiegirl98

    I will be answering brief questions here for the next week or so regarding @Seddiegirl98's death (full comment on Seddie page). If you missed the comment, I am her mother.

    Again, thanks to everyone for being the best friends ever to my daughter.

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  • Seddiegirl98

    So, before I start this blog, you must know that I LOVE names! I am a name geek! It's weird, I love it when I learn a new name and it's meaning! It's so much fun! So, yeah, this probably seems like a weird blog, but I just HAD to tell you guys my obsession with names! I had to let it all out! XD Okay, enough of that...

    So, basically this blog is addressing what your favorite boy and girls names are (and least favorite). Pretty straightforward LOL. My favorite names are...

    For boys:

    Patrick - I know so many people find this name strange because it's from Spongebob. I, on the other hand, LOVE this name. It's not so common right now and it just sounds amazing when I say it. I love this name!

    Ryan - I remember I used to hate this name; it sounded …

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  • Seddiegirl98

    Long title, LOL

    Anyways, it's basically what the title says. Note: If you are not comfortable stating your secret, there is absolutely NO need to. Don't make yourself uncomfortable. :) If you don't want to state the secret itself, you can also just say how many people you've actually told it to or something.

    My deepest, darkest, most personal and secretive secret? Well, this may not seem like such a humongous deal to you, but to me, it's the one thing I don't want people to find out/talk about.

    I was born with pyloric stenosis, a disease in young babies that causes projectile vomiting and dehydration. It's very serious if not treated properly and you can die from it. You need to have surgery to get it fixed. I had this surgery and I am perfectl…

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  • Seddiegirl98

    Okay, this blog is pretty much addressing the fact that this wiki keeps splitting it's fanbase up into 'Creddie' and 'Seddie' (Cam, Spam, etc.). I really don't understand this. Are we, like, seperate species now? Do we have to classify ourselves as different 'types' of people or something? Everywhere I go, I hear, "Wow, look what the Creddiers did..." or "Ugh, those Seddiers..." What's up with that?!? I'm not saying that we SHOULDN'T ship, I'm saying, why are we splitting ourselves up so much? Do we actually disagree on something so much that we feel the need to split up? We're all people, we all are members of this wiki, and we all love iCarly, so why do we spend our time here splitting ourselves up? Why do we immediately run to our pages…

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  • Seddiegirl98

    Random Debates

    June 15, 2011 by Seddiegirl98

    Okay, so I was bored and decided to make a blog where we can debate about random topics. Just start up a topic, wait for replies, and debate! Have fun!

    And please, no Creddie or Seddie. I want to steer clear of iCarly ships right now.

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